GIScience 2021 CIRCULAR No. 6

By Jakub Nowosad | 2021-07-30

Dear GIScience Enthusiasts,

Time is running out fast and the deadline for reduced registration (6 August) for the XI International Conference on Geographic Information Science, which will be held in Poznań online September 27-30, 2021, is approaching. We encourage you to register immediately as we have prepared for you:

  • 2 plenary keynotes,
  • 1 thematic seminar: Integrated qualitative and quantitative data in geodiversity mapping,
  • 5 workshops: W1: Advancing Movement Data Science, W2: Methods, Models, and Resources for Geospatial Knowledge Graphs and GeoAI, W3: 3rd International Workshop on Spatial Cognition and Artificial Intelligence, W4: GeoScale - 1st International Workshop for Scalable Geographic Methods and Computing Platforms, W5: Social Sensing: Analysing Human-generated Data,
  • 3 days of paper sessions.

Piotr Jankowski and Zbigniew Zwoliński

For the GIScience 2021 Organising Committee