Update regarding the conference format

By Jakub Nowosad | 2021-02-24

We are 2 weeks away from the workshop proposals and 7 weeks away from the full paper submission deadlines (March 8 and April 21, 2021 respectively) and this is an opportune time to update you on the conference organizing efforts. At this time, we are still committed to stage the conference on site in Poznan at the end of September. This applies to both the conference and the planned workshops. Concurrently, we are also establishing a backup plan for an online conference, should public health conditions prevent us from having the conference at a location in Poznan in traditional F2F format. We also recognize that some of the potential conference participants will not be able to travel to Poznan for a variety of reasons, yet are interested in being part of GIScience 2021. To all of you who are, or will be, in this situation, we will find a way to accommodate you and your papers in the best way possible. Hence, please do not hesitate to submit your work and to contact us at GIScience2021@gmail.com, and let us know your concerns.

For more updates, follow us on Twitter at @GIScience_conf.