GIScience 2012
   7th International Conference on Geographic Information Science
           Columbus, Ohio, USA, September 18-21, 2012

In conjunction with the GIScience 2012 meeting one day of workshops and 
tutorials will be held on September 18, immediately prior to the 
main conference.

Workshops should provide a platform for presenting and discussing 
ideas in a less-formal and more open way than is possible in a 
conference setting. Thus, they should provide an excellent opportunity 
for researchers to present work in progress and obtain detailed 
feedback, and should have ample time allocated for discussion and 
participation by all attendees. Workshops are welcome in all topics 
of interest to GIScience attendees, with the proviso that new and 
emerging areas of research are especially welcome. Workshop 
organizers are responsible for compilation of PDF workshop 
proceedings. If these are received, as a single volume, by 21st of 
July, they will be included in the electronic conference proceedings 
for distribution to workshop and conference attendees.

Workshop proposals should be less than 1500 words, and must include 
the following:

* Title of the workshop
* Description of topics
* Scope and novelty of the workshop
* Workshop organizer(s) and their qualifications
* Format of workshop (1/2 day, 1 day)
* Intended Program Committee if relevant
* Highlights (e.g. keynotes, panels, other modes of discussion)
* Expected number of participants
* Details of any previous related workshops
* Draft call for papers indicating the relevant topics

Tutorials was a successful innovation for GIScience 2010. A tutorial 
should cover a single topic in detail, lasting either a full (two 
sessions of three hours) or half (one session of three hours) day.  
A tutorial may cover a particular GIScience topic in depth, or introduce 
emerging research areas. Tutorial organizers are responsible for 
compilation of tutorial readers. If these are received by August 17, 2012, 
they will be included in the electronic conference proceedings for 
distribution to tutorial and conference attendees.

Tutorial proposals should be less than 2000 words, and must address 
all of the following issues:

* Title of the tutorial
* Description of topics and relevance to GIScience community
* Tutorial organizer(s) and their qualifications
* Format of tutorial (1/2 day, 1 day)
* Tutorial outline, indicating overall learning objectives and 
  individual course elements
* Intended audience (introductory, advanced) and any background 
  knowledge or skills required
* Required materials (e.g. will you need internet access, lab access, 
  specific software installed?)
* Expected number of participants

All workshops and tutorial proposals should be submitted by e-mail to 
the Workshops Chair, Ola Ahlqvist ( All 
proposals will be reviewed by at least 3 members of the Program 

Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
- Is the workshop/tutorial appropriate for GIScience? 
- Is the topic of the workshop/tutorial particularly timely or important? 
- Is the workshop/tutorial likely to attract sufficient participants? 
- Is the workshop/tutorial well designed and likely to achieve the stated goal(s)? 
- Are the organizers appropriate for the proposed topic? 
- Has a very similar workshop/tutorial been held in the recent past?

* Workshop and tutorial proposals due: January 9, 2012
* Workshop and tutorial notification: January 30, 2012
* Deadline for workshop/tutorial organizers to submit workshop 
  proceedings and tutorial materials, as a single volume, for 
  inclusion in the electronic conference proceedings: August 17, 2012

Workshops or tutorials which receive less than 10 registrations by 
the 30th of June may be cancelled by the local organizers.