Accepted full papers

Amin Abdalla and Andrew U. Frank
Combining trip and task planning: How to get from A to passport

Chris Anderson-Tarver, Mike Gleason, Barbara Buttenfield and Larry Stanislawski
Automated Centerline Delineation to Enrich the National Hydrography Dataset

Kevin Buchin, Bettina Speckmann and Sander Verdonschot
Evolution Strategies for Optimizing Rectangular Cartograms

Maike Buchin, Somayeh Dodge and Bettina Speckmann
Context-Aware Similarity of Trajectories

Yao-Yi Chiang and Craig Knoblock
Generating Named Road Vector Data from Raster Map

Matthew Dube and Max Egenhofer
An Ordering of Convex Topological Relations

Julien Gaffuri
Toward web mapping with vector data

Carsten Keßler, Krzysztof Janowicz and Tomi Kauppinen
spatial@linkedscience -- Exploring the Research Field of GIScience with Linked Data

Nicolas Maisonnevue
crowdsourcing satellite imagery analysis: study of parallel and iterative models

Pradeep Mohan, Xun Zhou and Shashi Shekhar
Quantifying Resolution sensitivity of spatial autocorrelation: A Resolution Correlogram approach

Silvia Nittel, Christopher Dorr and John C. Whittier
LocalAlert: Simulating decentralized ad-hoc collaboration in emergency situations

Avinash Rude and Kate Beard
High-Level Event Detection in Spatially Distributed Multi-variateTime Series

Thiago Siqueira, Cristina Ciferri, Valéria Times and Ricardo Ciferri
Towards Vague Geographic Data Warehouses

Guibo Sun, Hui Lin and Rongrong Li
Measuring the Influence of Built Environment on Walking Behavior: an Accessibility Approach

Guillaume Touya
Social Welfare to Assess the Global Legibility of a Generalized Map

Jan Oliver Wallgrün, Jinlong Yang, Alexander Klippel and Frank Dylla
Investigations into the Cognitive Conceptualization and Similarity Assessment of Spatial Scenes

Lisa Walton and Michael Worboys
A Qualitative Bigraph Model for Indoor Space

Toyohide Watanabe and Kosuke Yamamoto
Dynamic Refuse Collection Strategy Based on Adjacency Relationship between Euler Cycles

Ting Wei and Scott Bell
Impact of indoor location information reliability on users' trust of an indoor positioning system

Nancy Wiegand
Ontology for the Engineering of Geospatial Systems

Nancy Wiegand
Preserving Detail in a Combined Land Use Ontology

Michael Worboys
The maptree: A fine-grained representation of space

Hui Yang and Gefei Feng
Automatic Creation of Crosswalk for Geospatial Metadata Standard Interoperability

Kwangsoo Yang, Venkata Gunturi and Shashi Shekhar
A Dartboard Network Cut based Approach to Evacuation Route Planning : A Summary of Results

Eman Younis, Chris Jones, Vlad Tanasescu and Alia Abdelmoty
Hybrid Geo-Spatial Query Methods on the Semantic Web with a Spatially-Enhanced Index of DBpedia

Yihong Yuan and Martin Raubal
Extracting dynamic urban mobility patterns from mobile phone data